Diabetology, vt 2017

Announcement of PhD course in diabetology organized ty The Diabetes Programme at Lund University (DPLU).


170403-170407 and 170418-170419


Full time, approximatly 8:30-17:00.


Segerfalkssalen BMC, Lund.

Target group

PhD students in the field of diabetes research, postdocs are also welcome to apply.

Number of participants

Max 30


To give a broad knowledge of molecular mechamisms underlying the development of diabetes and its complications. as well as how these are studied.

To give insight into how diabetes is diagnosed and treated, in the clinic.

To enable PhD students in the diabetes field to expand their research network.

Course content

Subjects that will be treated include: Historical perspectives, genetics and etiology of diabetes, stem cells, monogenic forms of diabetes, insulin- and glucagon secretion, insulin signalling and resistance, gluco- and lipotoxicity, animal models, diabetes therapy, insulin pumps and glucose monitoring, diabetes and the immune system, incretins, diabetic complications, gestational diabetes, diabetes prevention and transplantation. The course will include 1-2 visits to the clinic, where the student will meet diabetic patients, and their treating physicians.

Teaching forms

Lectures, outpatient clinic, demonstrations.


The course is approved by the Medical Faculty, and will therefore give 2 hp, and can be used in the PhD portfolio and to fulfil the course requirement for obtaining the PhD.

The course will be given in English.

For more information and application


Course organizers

Ulrika Krus
Peter Spégel
Jonathan Esguerra
Karin Filipsson

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