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Neelanjan Vishnu

Title: Postdoctoral researcher

Research group: Molecular Metabolism

Current project: to unveil the molecular connection between the cellular ATP generation with plasma membrane oscillation with the focus on insulin homeostasis in the pancreatic beta cells.

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Olof Asplund

Title: MSc., PhD student

Research group: Diabetes and endocrinology

Current project: The goal of the PhD project is to further our knowledge of the role of GPCRs in diabetes using bioinformatics ant next-generation sequencong data.

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Marc Bailey

Title: Dr

Research group: Vascular Excitation-transcription (ET) coupling, visiting from Prof David Beech, University of Leeds, UK

Current project: My general interest is investigating the vascular smooth cell as a potential treatment target for abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) disease in humans.

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Eitan Netanyah


MSc, PhD student

Research group

Islet Pathophysiology

Previous education and experience

Bachelor in Molecular Biology, Lund University 2011
Master in Molecular Medicine, Lund University 2014
previous lab experience in nanotechnology and type 1 diabetes projects

Current projects

it was recently discovered that the complement inhibitor CD 59 of the innate immune system plays a fundamental role in regulated exocytosis of insulin in pancreatic beta-cells. To follow up this finding I will investigate the effects of CD59 ablation in vivo in mice, as well as explore the interaction between systemic low grade inflammation and CD59 expression.

Previous nanotechnology studies in our lab have whown the feasibility of usign remotely controlled superparamagnetic nanparticles to trigger cellular responses e.g. apoptosis. The possibility that this approach can be used for triggering other reactions will be explored. This may add a new dimension to cell biology by offering the possibility to trigger intracellular responses with exact temporal control.

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