Executive board

Maria Gomez coordinator

Paul Franks vice coordinator

Jens Lagerstedt vice coordinator

Annelie Carlsson

Karin Stenkula

Erik Renström, adjunct

The executive board will be elected for two years, and will partly be renewed in connection with new election. The executive board meet every fourth Tuesday at 4 p.m..

Governing board

  • The board meets at CRC level 12 in Malmö, at 9-11 hours on the last Thursday of every month during the university term.
  • The LUDC board consists of ten "Principal Investigators", each responsible for a research area in accordance with the application, elected vice PIs (see below) and the executive group. All board members are called to the meetings, but each area has only one vote.
  • The board makes strategic decisions within the scope of the application. It is thus essential that all areas are represented at the board meeting (PI, vice-PI or other specially appointed representative).
  • In case of divergent opinions a vote is held. Each area has one vote; if the number of votes are equal the coordinator (Lef Groop) has the casting vote.
Leif Groop Valeriya Lyssenko Ola Hansson
Hindrik Mulder Holger Luthman  
Cecilia Holm Jens Lagerstedt Karin Berger
Eva Degerman Olga Göransson Karin Stenkula
Charlotte Ling Emma Nilsson  
Bo Ahrén Bilal Omar Nils Wierup
Erik Renström Albert Salehi Anders Rosengren
Jan Nilsson Maria Gomez  
Isabella Artner Henrik Semb  
Lena Eliasson Jonathan Esguerra  
Åke Lernmark Helena Larsson Daniel Agardh
Corrado Cilio Annelie Carlsson Malin Fex
Paul Franks Marju Orho-Melander Olle Melander

LUDC core facilities

Tord  Ajanki Communications officer

Jacqueline Postma Grant officer

Ulrika Blom-Nilsson Administrator, webeditor

Mattias Borell System administrator, webtechnician

Research infrastructure

Jasmina Kravic Database manager

Claes Ladenvall Genetic statistician

Pending Animal technician

Last updated: March 29, 2017
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