CRC seminars

CRC seminars usually takes place every second Thursday at 4 p.m. in Lecture Hall, CRC, Jan Waldenströms gata 35, SUS Malmö.

2016-09-08 cancelled

2016-09-23 Katja Lamia, Scripps Institute, San Diego, US, "Cryptochromes integrate circadioan rhythms with metabolism and genome protection", (Host: Olga Göransson)
i.e. 2 p.m. in Medelhavet

2016-10-13 Professor Joe Petrosino, Houston TX US, "Translating the microbiome of mice and men", (Host: Åke Lernmark)
i.e. 4:30

2016-10-28 Ewan Pearson, University of Dundee, UK, "Precision medicine in diabetes: Fact or Fiction?"  (Host: Hindrik Mulder)
i.e. 12:00 Jubileumsaulan, MFC, SUS Malmö

2016-11-14 Professor Varda Shoshan-Barmatz, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel, "The mitochondrial protein VDAC1: From concept to therapies for cancer, neurodegeneration and other diseases" (Host: Claes Wollheim)
i.e. 1 pm

2016-11-17 Patrik Rorsman, University of Oxford, UK and Gothenburg University, Sweden, "The sweet culprit linking impaired beta-cell function to diabetes-associated complications", (Host: Nils Wierup)
i.e. Medelhavet

2016-11-23 Roy Taylor, Newcastle University, UK, "Type 2 Diabetes: The new understanding of beta cell, whole human and family", (Host: Paul Franks)

2016-12-01 ANDIS-day


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