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Half time seminars

Monday December 8th 2014
Speaker: Gull Rukh
Title: Role of genetic variants in the development of obesity in relation to diet, age and mortality

Time and place: Monday December 8th at 10:15 in Lecture Hall Medelhavet, Wallenberg lab, SUS Malmö

Supervisor: Marju Orho-Melander, Lund University
Co-supervisors: Emily Sonestedt and Ulrika Ericson, Lund University

Opponents: Viktor Hamrefors and Rashmi Prasad, Lund University
Wednesday December 10th 2014
Speaker: Geeti Arora
Title: Impact of genetic and non-genetic factors on glucose tolerance and prevalence of gestational diabetes in Punjab, North India

Time and place: Wednesday December 10th at 14:00 in seminar room 60-13-014, CRC, SUS Malmö

Supervisor: Leif Groop, Lund University and Allan Vaag, Copenhagen University

Opponents: Kerstin Berntorp and Nael Shaat, Lund University and Endokrinologiska kliniken, SUS.

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