VIDEO: Biomarkers as clinical tools? Relevance to biomarker discovery at LUDC

How to to capitalize on the research done in the field of biomarkers, and how to develop them further together with commercial partners into clinical tools. One of the main topics was the use of panels to increase the predictive/prognostic value of a given marker.
View the lectures from the workshop, held in November 2013, retrospectively:

Biomarker research/discovery for specific indications: Examples, including next generation sequencing

Speaker: Niels Brünner

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Panels vs single Biomarkers: Panels for pancreatic cancer; a parallel reasoning in diabetes

Speaker: Carl Borrebaeck

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Biomarkers in clinical studies: Numbers of patients /samples required in order to prove the statistical power

Speaker: Kirsten Vang Nielsen

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Commercial considerations on biomarkers and diagnostics

  • Requirements from an IP standpoint
  • Requirements on clinical utility and cost efficiency upon introduction of assays into the clinical market.

Speaker: Niels Taekkker Foged

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Trends in tools and methodology

Speaker: Rolf Ehrnström

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