DISC project

Diabetes Innovation Scania (DISC)

Diabetes Innovation Scania (DISC) is the name the pilot project at Lund University Diabetes Centre was given in 2010.

The aim of the project is to strengthen the Malmö - Lund region and develop it into a leading Life Science Center, building on the world renowned diabetes research performed at Lund University Diabetes Centre, and integrating the different stakeholders, coordinating activities for the commercialization of research results.

The project aims at building an approach and processes linking stakeholders, thus accelerating the translation of research into projects of potential commercial value.

To achieve the commercialization goals, an innovation culture needs to be established within the research center, to create interest and understanding for innovation activities among the scientists. A collaboration platform between academia and industry is a central element, linking as well with other stakeholders in the innovation environment.

Key elements of the process include identification of customers and collaboration partners, selection critera for early projects, verification of commercial potential customer (industry partner or start-up company).

DISC is a triple helix initiative, involving Lund University Innovation system, Lund University Diabetes Centre (LUDC), Region Skåne, Innovationsbron as well as the regional industry and innovation sector.

It is funded by the EU regional development fund and co-funded by LUDC.


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