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Panel 1:

Moderator: Olivier Arnaud, JDRF
Panel members: Henning Beck-Nielsen, University of Southern Denmark; Marc Donath, University Hospital of Basel; Philip Just-Larsen, Sanofi; Allan Karlsen, Novo Nordisk.

Panel 2:

  • Moderator: Olivier Arnaud, JDRF
    Panel members:  Stephen Friend, Sage Bionetworks; Leif Groop, Lund University; Sven Rohmann, Burrill & Co; Christian Stein, Ascenion; Matthias Tschöp, Helmholtz Zentrum Munich/Teknische Universität Munich.

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IDEA summit 2013

Lund University Diabetes Centre has arranged a conference with leading European academic centers and pharma-biotech companies. The event was dedicated to people involved in translational diabetes research and took place in Lund on September 18th, 2013.
The aim of the meeting was to stimulate academia-industry interaction and to identify concrete actions with potential to accelerate translation of basic diabetes research into innovative products that can provide benefit to patients and society.

Project manager: Thomas Gunnarsson

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Meeting report

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