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LUDC has a process in place to evaluate, support and fund projects with commercial potential. Up to 500.000 SEK can be obtained to cover costs for commercialization, market analysis and technical evaluations.

To promote innovation at LUDC various resources are made available to researchers. Specific funds for innovation projects can be obtained from both Vinnova and EXODIAB.

Project evaluation team and innovation board

The funds are made available in a stage-gate process, where in the first round, the Project Evaluation Team will evaluate the commercial potential of the project, the strength and novelty of the technology and the existing IP environment. This activity is coordinated by the Innovation Manager at LUDC; Annie George Chandy.

Once the Project Evaluation Team has judged the project to have commercial potential, the Innovation Board at LUDC can continue to support the project by offering advice and allocating money for technical verification.
Funds can also be obtained from Vinnova to cover patent costs which no longer need to be funded from the researchers´ own pockets.

Both the Project Evaluation Team and the Innovation Board at LUDC bring together competences from the life science industry as well as from academia, to support and offer strategic advice on the commercial projects at LUDC.

Taking it to the next level

A more extensive concept verification is made available through the Vinnova program Vinnverifiering 2 (VFT2) and is applied for directly from Vinnova twice a year. Up to two million SEK can be obtained in several milestones. The purpose of this grant is to

  1. reduce technical and commercial risks
  2. ascertain the most suitable commercialization strategy
  3. ensure the market potential of the business concept.

The Innovation Office can assist in the application of VFT2.


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