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Current members

Erik Renström (coordinator)

Ulrika Krus
Vini Nagaraj
Leif Groop
Emma Ahlqvist
Mozhgan Dorkhan
Anna Blom (Dept Laboratory Chemistry Malmö)
Jonathan Sjölander (Dept Laboratory Chemistry Malmö)
Ben King (Dept Laboratory Chemistry Malmö)
Per Hägglund (external Danish Technical University, Lyngby)

The Redox and Complement Action Group

The Redox Action group has a particular interest in redox proteins and their effects in islets or target tissue. Redox proteins studied include the thioredoxin family proteins glutaredoxin 1 and thioredoxin 1, as well as the thioredoxin-interacting protein TXNIP. TXNIP is upregulated by vitamin D, and this signalling pathway is also of interest to this group.

Another interest of the Redox Action group is to identify proteins that are modulated by redox reactions and targets for redox reactions such as thioredoxin. One such family of proteins is the complement system of the innate immune system, which currently is in the limelight of this group’s activities. We also collaborate to perform unbiased searches for Trx-target proteins.

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