Malmö Prevention Project (MPP)

A preventive case-finding programme for cardiovascular risk factors and alcohol abuse, the MPP, started at the Department of Preventive Medicine, Malmö in 1974 (1, 2). The aim was to screen large strata of the adult population in order to find high-risk individuals for preventive intervention. Subjects were invited to participate in a broad health-screening programme, including a physical examination and a panel of laboratory tests. Additionally, every participant filled in a self-administered questionnaire on lifestyle, and medical history. Between the years 1974-1992, a total of 22,444 men (mean age 46-years) and 10,902 women (mean age 49-years) attended the screening with an overall attendance rate of 71% (range 64-78%). Men were mostly screened in the first half of the period (1974-1982), and women in the latter half (1981-1992), implying different follow-up time periods for men and women. Various interventions (lifestyle modification, drug therapy) engaged nearly 25% of the screened subjects. From October 2002 onwards, a re-screening of subjects within the MPP is ongoing at the Clinical Research Unit Medicine, University Hospital, Malmö. So far about 12000 subjects (age range 65-80 years) have attended the follow-up visits, providing data on BMI, blood pressure, fasting plasma glucose and plasma lipids, as well as whole blood samples for DNA-extraction.

Ethical considerations

The MPP study and its follow-up analyses have been approved by the Regional Ethics Committee in Lund.


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2. Berglund G, Nilsson P, Hedblad B, Eriksson K-F, Nilsson J-Å, Lindgärde F, Kristensson H. Long-term outcome of the Malmö Preventive Project. Total mortality and cardiovascular morbidity. J Intern Med 2000;247:19-29.

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