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Heart research recieves 15 millions Swedish crowns

Published 2011-06-22

Professor Olle Melander at Lund University Diabetes Centre and Skåne University Hospital in Malmö recieves Heart- and Lung Foundation´s large grant of 15 millions swedish crowns.

By investigating the genome in tens of thousands has Olle Melander succeeded to identify markers in the blood which increase the risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases. The next step is to investigate the markers ability to identify hidden high risk individuals, in order to place preventive treatment.

Olle Melander and his research group is working on finding new treatable sickness mechanisms behind cardiovascular disease and new ways of identifying the high risk individuals which are missed at todays measuring methods.

- Our project is unique in many ways. We investigate some of the largets population materials in the world with modern methods. Moreover, we will not stop by finding risk markers. Next step will be to investigate the mechanisms behind the connections and test whether different treatments may affect the risk of being suffered, says Olle Melander.

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