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Dep. of Clinical Sciences, CRC, Malmö
Diabetes & Celiac disease Unit
Entr 72, building 91, level 10
University Hospital Malmö MAS
SE-205 02 Malmö, Sweden

+46 40 391903

+46 40 391919


Daria La Torre, MD

Academic degree


Current position

Research fellow




Italian, English, German, Swedish

Ongoing projects

Comprehensive analysis of serum metabolites in children at risk for T1D, during the progression towards autoimmunity and clinical diagnosis: the identification of early metabolic alterations could provide new markers for disease prediction and give insights on pathogenetic mechanisms.

Investigating the role of specific anti-idiotypic autoantibodies in T1D.


Åke Lernmark


Falorni A, Brozzetti A, La Torre D, Tortoioli C and Gambelunghe G. Association of genetic polimorphisms and autoimmune Addison’s disease. Expert Rev Clin Immunol 2008; 4(4): 441-456

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