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Immunology in translation clinical studies:

an open (valbar) course for graduate students

Course organizer

Åke Lernmark, Professor  

Target group

Graduates from the faculty of medicine: MDs doing their PhD studies, also prospective PhD students (MDs) from Lund University and other universities can apply.

Number of participants



1.5 ECT


One week intensive course: Monday – Friday September 10-14, 2012.


Lund University/CRC, Building 60:12:015, Skåne University Hospital SUS,

Jan Walderströms gata 35, SE-20502, Malmö.

Course description:

This course is designed for medical graduate students to provide an overview of the area of translational clinical trials related to immunology. The course is designed as an intensive one week sessions with both theoretical and practical sessions. Participants are expected to fully attend all course sessions and participate actively in all parts.

The language of instruction is English.


The course is structured to cover major topics related to general immunology and focuses on clinical studies in immunology with case presentations and group discussions. The content involves also discussing designs, implementation and endpoints of clinical trials as well as covering topics related to statistical and ethical issues.


 The main aim of the course is to familiarize the participants with broad understanding of the theoretical backgrounds of immunological clinical interventions aiming at preventing or hampering immuno-pathological processes of diseases. The major topics to be covered will include:

The immune system during pregnancy and maternal-fetal immunological interaction.

The Thymus in health and disease: Monogenic immune-deficiencies & graft-versus-host disease.

Biology of cytotoxic lymphocytes & primary immune-deficiencies affecting lymphocyte cytotoxicity

Cellular immunology and cellular hard end-points in clinical trials.

Prevention and Intervention trials in autoimmune diabetes

Gut immunology; basics and clinical trials

Celiac disease prevention clinical trials

Multiple sclerosis

Investigator initiated clinical trials: protocols and regulators and ethical considerations

Design of clinical trials: a biostatistics considerations and power calculations

Research on human tissues and cells

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