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Mikael Lantz

Associate professor, MD, PhD

Ongoing project

MTC – Malmö Thyroid Centre

The purpose with MTC (Malmö Thyroid Centre) is to constitute a platform for thyroid research and the aim is to co-operate multidiciplinary and translational.

Initiators to MTC are Mikael Lantz, Bengt Hallengren, Johan Svensson and Corrado Cilio

Members of Science Advisory Board are professor Leif Groop and professor Åke Lernmark

Mikael Lantz: Associate professor, Consultant, Department of Endocrinology, UMAS. Registration of patients and collection of  samples from Graves´ patients for the biobank GD 2002. Analysis of data from microarray (gene expression) studies. Confirmation of microarray data with RT-PCR. Inclusion of Graves´ patients and collection of samples in the AGO study (principal investigator). Analysis of data from genotyping studies together with graduate student Tereza Planck (supervisor Mikael Lantz).
Co-operation partners: Peter Åsman, Department of  Ophthalmology, UMAS and Leif Tallstedt, St Erik´ s Eye Hospital (AGO study). Jan Calissendorff, Mikael Ryden, Camille Hilding and Göran Lundell at Karolinska Hospital (AGO study). Collection of intraorbital and subcutaneous adipose tissue in collaboration with Tuve Mårtensson and Håkan Brorson, Department of  Plastic Surgery UMAS. Collection of thyroid tissue in collaboration with Anne-Greth Bondeson, Department of Surgery UMAS.

Bengt Hallengren: Associate professor, Consultant, Department of Endocrinology UMAS. Registration of patients and collection of samples from Graves patients for the biobank GD2002. Inclusion of Graves´ patients and collection of samples in the AGO study.

Johan Svensson: MD PhD, Consultant, Department of Pediatrics UMAS. Establishment of Turner biobank and registration of patients. Responsible for clinical, genetic and immunological studies in Turner syndrome. Responsible for Christina Uvebrandt (research assistant).

Corrado Cilio: Associate professor, Consultant, Clinical Research Centre UMAS. Principal investigator for a study investigating transferred thyroid antibodies from mother to child in autoimmune thyroid disease (AIT). Establishment of an animal model  for AIT. Responsible for the analysis of microRNA in thyroid and orbital tissue. FACS analysis of peripheral leukocytes in the AGO study and in vitro studies of  risk factors for AIT (smoking and iodine). Analysis of soluble forms of CTLA-4. Responsible for laboratory employees (Jeanette Arvastsson, Elisabeth Blom). Supervisor for the PhD student Caroline Nyholm.


  • Research funds Malmö University Hospital (MAS fonder)
  • Faculty of Medicine at Lund University (ALF)
  • Skåne Research Foundation (Region Skåne)
  • Merck research grant (Gernot Beroset)
  • Påhlsson Foundation

Major awards

  • Anna-Greta Crafoord award, 1990, 70 000 kr
  • The Swedish Society of Medicine award, 9 months clinical research, 1991-1994
  • The Swedish Society of Endocrinology, poster prize, 2000

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