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Jalal Taneera

Associated researcher

Main interest

  1. To investigate new approaches to identify novel gene contributing in T2D pathogenesis.
  2. To study the cell cycle genes in human pancreatic islets.
  3. To study the GABA signaling in human pancreatic islets.
  4. To obtain and characterize new clonal cell lines to study beta cell function.

Selected publications

1. Jalal Taneera, Stefan Lang, Amitabh Sharma, Joao Fadista, Rosengren A,  Albert Salehi, Wolheim C, Erik renström and Leif Groop. A systems genetics approach identifies novel genes and pathway for type 2 diabetes in humna pancreatic islets. Cell Metabolism, Resource papper. 2012 Jul 3;16(1):122-34.

2. Jalal Taneera, Zhe Jin, Stefan Lang, Albert Salehi, Olle Korsgren, Erik Renström, Leif Groop and Bryndis Birnis. The GABA signalling in human pancreatic islets is altered in type 2 diabetes. Diabetologia. 2012 Jul;55(7):1985-94. Epub 2012 Apr 27.

3. Jalal Taneera, Joao Fadista, Emma Ahlqvist, Erik Renström and Leif Groop. Expression profiling of cell cycle gene in human pancreatic islets with and without type 2 diabetes. Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology. 2nd round revision. 2012.

4. Madhi T, Hänzelmann S, Salehi A, Muhammed S, Rienbothe T, Tang Y, Axelsson A, Taneera J, Groop L, Renström E and Rosengren A. Secretred Frizzled-Related Protein 4 reduces insulin secretion and is overexpressed in type 2 diabetes. Cell Metabolism. 2012. Accepted.

5. Andersson A, Olsson A, Esguerra J, Heimann E, Ladenvall C, Edlund A, Salehi A, Taneera J, Groop L, Ling C and Eliasson L. Reduce insulin secretion correlated with decreased expression of exocytosis genes in pancreatic islets from patients with type 2 diabetes. Mol Cell Endocrinl. 2012 Nov 25;364(1-2):36-45.

6. Koeck T, Olsson AH, Nitert MD, Sharoyko VV, Ladenvall C, Kotova O, Reiling E, Rönn T, Parikh H, Taneera J, Eriksson JG, Metodiev MD, Larsson NG, Balhuizen A, Luthman H, Stančáková A, Kuusisto J, Laakso M, Poulsen P, Vaag A, Groop L, Lyssenko V, Mulder H, Ling C. A common variant in TFB1M is associated with reduced insulin secretion and increased future risk of type 2 diabetes. Cell Metabolism. 2011 Jan 5;13(1):80-91.

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