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Department of Clinical Sciences Malmö
Diabetes and Endocrinology
CRC, Entr 72, building 91, Level 12, University Hospital Malmö
SE-205 02  Malmö, Sweden


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Peter Osmark

Associated researcher

Current projects

Covers a broad spectrum of biochemical aspects of the type 2 diabetes-related transcription factor TCF7L2 in human islets and other tissues: Gene expression and splice pattern characterisation, protein expression and isoforms. The project further involves cloning and in vitro studies on binding, stability and structure of TCF7L2.

Other projects

Co-supervising a PhD-project in the group of B. Bergenståhl at the Department of Food Technology at LU on characterisation and optimisation of nutritional and industrial properties of oat protein. The project also involves the Department of Biotechnology at Lund University, the Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences at the University of Gothenberg, and Aventure AB.


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