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Petter Vikman

Ass. researcher

Current Project

Chromosome nine

Previous investigations using SNP analysis have shown a high correlation between chromosome 9p22-24 and inherited diabetes in a Finnish family. This project aims to further delve into this part of the human genome. The investigation will proceed with an in depth sequencing using the illumina platform trying to elucidate the inherited sequence difference between the people suffering from diabetes compared to the non diabetic in said family. This information will be further processed to see whether there are any differences in the genes in this region and if these differences could be translated into changes that are visible at a protein level. This follow up investigation will be done using 3D modelling of the proteins of interest, splice variant investigations to link the sequence changes with a putative biological impact.

Technical development

There are a lot of research being done linking different SNPs and genetic differences to disease phenotypes and these investigations are becoming more mainstream and validated. Such genetic investigations have also pointed out that there are discrepansies between the genotype and the expected phenotype. It is therefor important to have the necessary tools to investigate both the genotype as well as epigenetic factors together to see how this link to the fenotype. This project aims to set up a system where genetic factors can be coinvestigated together with epigenetic factors such as splice variants and DNA metylation

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