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Olof Asplund

Current project/position

MSc, PhD Student

The goal of my PhD project is to further our knowledge of the role of GPCRs in diabetes using bioinformatics and next-generation sequencing data.


G-protein coupled receptors is a family of transmembrane receptors which bind to a diverse range of ligands. Signals from GPCRs are transmitted through another family of proteins called G proteins. Through the pairing between GPCR and G-protein, a small number of common pathways are stimulated or ihibited. A typical example is the cAMP-mediated pathway, the stimulation of which increases insulin secretion in islet beta-cells.
A large proportion of all small molecule drugs target GPCRs. This sshows the clinical relevance andd druggability of GPCRs to affect a broad range of pathologies. In addition, current drugs target a small subset of all GPCRs. This means that there may be many more GPCRs which could be relevant in disease.
As a bioinformatician with a background in biomedicine, I am going to use next-generation sequencing and other types of biological data to search for GPCR genes associated with diabetes. This includes finding genes with differential expression in islets of diabetic patients or in different blood glucose levels, genetic variants which affect GPCR genes, and studying differential splicing of GPCR transcripts.
I will also study specific GPCRs which are of clinicla interest from earlier scientific findings.

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