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Eliana Garcia-Vaz

Current position


Academic degree

BSc in Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, UDELAR, Uruguay, 2007

MSc in Clinical Biochemistry, UDELAR, Uruguay, 2009

Current research interest

Vascular complications of diabetes with focus on endothelial dysfunction and diabetic nephropathy.

Ongoing projects

  1. To investigate if NFAT is activated in a novel genetic mouse model of diabetes that better replicates diabetic microvascular complications (the Akita mouse)
  2. To perform longitudinal non-invasive measurements of microvascular function using a newly developed technique based on laser Doppler imaging of skin microvessels during iontophoresis of vasoactive chemicals (acetyl choline and sodium nitroprusside) in two complementary mouse models of diabetes. Is NFAT involved in the development of endothelial dysfunction?
  3. Characterization of gene expression patterns in kidneys of diabetic animals.

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