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Marc Bailey

Visiting from Prof David Beech, University of Leeds, Leeds, UK

Current project

I am very interested in modulating calcium entry to change VSMC cell behavior in AAA in order to prevent the loss of VSMC which is commonly observed in end stage AAA disease tissue. My hope is that this will slow AAA growth. During my visit to Malmö I am hoping to link NFAT activity to the calcium entry and cell behavior changes.

In-Vitro expertise: primary human AAA VSMC explant and culture, primary muline VSMC explant, calcium imaging in primary cells, functional cell assays (profileration, migration, apoptosis using miniaturized time lapse fluorescent microscopy system), rtPCR and standard molecular biology techniques.

In-Vivo Expertise: murine recovery surgery and mini pump implantation, in-vivo aneurysm models in mice (most experience in AngII infused model in ApoE-/- mice but also experience in teh CaCl2 application model).  In-vivo aortic amaging (3D micro ultrasound with Vevo2100), non-invasive blood pressure assessment, metabolic cages, running wheels, in-vivo toxicology assessment (CD-1, C57BL6 mice).

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