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Erik Renström

Professor, Principal Investigator

Current position

Erik Renström holds several commisiions of trust within and outside of Lund University, and is also vice-coordinator of the LUDC.

High-light articles

Rosengren,…, Hansson, O., …, Eliasson, L., Groop, L., Rorsman, P., Salehi, S.A., Lyssenko, V., Luthman, H., Renström, E. (2010) Overexpression of alpha2A adrenergic receptors contributes to type 2-diabetes. Science 327(5962):217-20. Epub 2009 Nov 19.

Li, D-Q., …, Salehi, S.A., …, Rosengren, A.H., …, Eliasson, L., Rorsman, P., Renström, E. (2009) Suppression of sulfonylurea- and glucose-induced insulin secretion in vitro and in vivo in mice lacking the chloride transport protein ClC-3 (2009) Cell Metabolism 10(4):309-315

Reinbothe, T.M., Ivarsson, R., Li, D-Q., Niazi, O., Jing, X., Zhang, E., Stenson, L., Bryborn, U., Renström, E. (2009) Glutaredoxin-1 mediates NADPH-dependent stimulation of calcium-dependent insulin secretion. Molecular Endocrinology 23(6):893-900

Osmark, P.*, Hansson, O.*, Jonsson, A., Rönn, T., Groop, L., Renström, E. (2009) Unique splicing pattern of the TCF7L2 gene in human pancreatic islets. Diabetologia 52(5):850-4

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